Add Some Charisma to Your Cleveland, OH, Property by Having String Lights Installed

String Lights

­­String lights are perfect for home or business owners who want to create a vintage look or romantic feel for their property. Constructed in a unique shape with visible filaments, these beautiful lights will add a sense of charm to your property and make it stand out. Since 2000, Pinnacle Lighting Group has been working with property owners throughout the Cleveland, Ohio, area to help them create the perfect atmosphere using our string lights. What’s more, these lights are made using high-quality LED bulbs that only consume about 25%of the energy that a standard bulb uses, allowing you to possibly save money on your energy bills.

PLG the Company that Cares?

When you choose to work with PLG to have your property decorated with gorgeous string lights, you can feel confident that you’ll be working with a company that truly cares. That’s because we will always:

  • Listen to your goals and work collaboratively with you to help you create a design that will meet them all
  • Have the same technicians who help you create your design complete the final installation, so you can be sure that it will look just how you planned it
  • View your lights with you after the final installation is complete, to make sure you’re completely satisfied

What’s more, our string lights are also dimmable, so you can control their brightness to match whatever atmosphere you’re looking to create. To learn more about the string lights we have available to property owners throughout the Cleveland, OH, area, contact the best outdoor lighting company in the business, Pinnacle Lighting Group, today.