Artistic Security Lights from Pinnacle Lighting Group Seamlessly Combine Beauty with Unrivaled Safety

Security LightsAt Pinnacle Lighting Group, we install exterior security lights that are designed to dramatically enhance the beauty and visibility of your property at night while greatly improving the safety of you and your guests. We go beyond simply installing blinding flood lights or placing spotlights sporadically around a property, but take your entire property into consideration to create a lighting design that is cohesive, beautiful, and safe.

Although Pinnacle Lighting Group designs and installs exterior lighting for virtually any need, when safety is a priority, we recommend either combining multiple lighting styles for improved visibility or utilizing our signature lighting technique, moonlighting. With moonlighting, we install security lights on the eaves of your home and in the tops of your tallest trees to create a continuous cohesion of light strewn across your entire property. While this continuous illumination acts as a major deterrent to intruders, it also beautifies the property by simulating natural moonlight. The light gently shines down, waltzing through the branches, casting surreal shadows across your landscape and architecture.

When you partner with us for outdoor security lights, you can rest assured your new lighting system will:

  • Provide enhanced safety by eliminating any dimly lit or unlit portions of your property that may provide cover for trespassers
  • Create a gorgeous, jaw-dropping “wow” effect across the entirety of your property
  • Help surveillance cameras stay in “daylight” mode for improved security

Furthermore, our security lights come equipped with the latest technology, including wireless remote controls, timer options, and color-changing LEDs. Every fixture is also outfitted with a glare shield to conceal the light source, preventing any harsh or detracting brightness and directing the light only where it is desired.

For additional information regarding how our security lights can provide you and your guests with a safer and more visually stunning nighttime atmosphere, contact Pinnacle Lighting Group, your outdoor lighting specialists who proudly serve the entire United States.