Elegant Landscape Lighting That Enhances the Beauty of Your Property at Night

Landscape LightingThe landscape lighting systems provided by Pinnacle Lighting Group are practical, yet breathtaking, investments for homeowners across the US and beyond. Since our founding in 2000, we have been a family-owned and -operated full-service provider of innovatively designed outdoor lighting systems. Whether you’re looking to enjoy your backyard’s ambiance late into the evenings, or you’re interested in remedying a poor lighting installation that left your landscape in the dark, we have you covered.

Landscape lighting, which is also referred to as Level Two lighting, combines our artistic design capabilities and knowledge of exterior lighting to create an unparalleled system that will showcase one of the most appealing attributes of your property: its landscaping. At PLG, our light specialists collaborate with each client to ensure their desired effect is achieved while providing exceptional customer-oriented service. Rather than allowing nightfall to conceal one of the most attractive features of your home, our landscape lighting will rejuvenate the shadowed colors of your foliage while elegantly illuminating your property’s trademark features.

Fulfilling the illumination needs of homeowners and business owners alike, PLG’s landscape lighting will:

  • Highlight a property’s most attractive landscaping elements while de-emphasizing undesirable areas
  • Align with each client’s individualized wants and needs, incorporating personalized accents into certain areas to create a customized “wow” effect
  • Accentuate the colors of a property, such as making the grass look greener or seasonal leaves appear more vibrant
  • Allow you and your guests to enjoy your property late into the evenings due to the alluring and accessible nature of our lighting systems

For more information about landscape lighting, or any of the other lighting systems we offer, contact Pinnacle Lighting Group – your outdoor lighting design and build specialists. We’re proud to serve clients nationwide and beyond.