Custom Service is what pinnacle calls its Maintenance Plan, and it has been a core service offering at Pinnacle for its 20+ years in business.

Regular Maintenance of your lighting system helps eliminate costly repairs, extends the life of the system and helps to increase safety and security of the property.

Our Custom Service includes having a Pinnacle Team Member come to your property to do the following:

  • Inspect all the lighting and ensure everything is working properly
  • Prepare an itemized individualized quote for work to be completed
  • Trim landscape growth around the fixtures and lighting system
  • Clean all lighting lenses
  • Ensure all lighting is aimed and aligned properly
  • Check time clocks and photo cells are in proper working order
  • Replace any fixtures, transformers or lamps that are covered under warranty (labor not included)

Moreover, customers can receive Pinnacle’s Custom Service even if Pinnacle did not do the initial new installation of the system

Do you have a lighting system that could use some TLC or a fresh set of eyes? Contact Pinnacle today at (888) 338-0186 or fill out the form below to schedule your Custom Service with a Pinnacle representative.

Maria, a Pinnacle customer

“My PREVIOUS experiences with lighting was poor service, poor follow up, messy installation; a totally unpleasant process. But Pinnacle Lighting Group gives me TOTAL SATISFACTION. From the initial contact everyone involved is truly professional – they know their stuff.”

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