Architectural Lighting from Pinnacle Lighting Group Will Breathe New Life and Character into Your Property

Architectural LightingArchitectural lighting, also referred to as hardscape lighting, is a surefire way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home while greatly increasing your property’s security after nightfall. Pinnacle Lighting Group, a family-owned and -operated design/build lighting firm, installs these unique lighting systems for clients throughout the US and beyond, using a collaborative process and providing outstanding customer-oriented service from start to finish.

For clients wishing to add a dramatic flair to their property or who long to beautifully accent the soaring archways and columns of their estate, our architectural lighting delivers the definitive solution. Using innovative ideas and the latest technology, our knowledgeable light specialists will work closely with you to design an ideal lighting system that will transform your home from a mere silhouette in the dark to a striking, well-lit estate.

Regardless of the size or intricacy of your architectural lighting endeavor, you can count on the lighting we install to:

  • Emphasize architectural features – By methodically planning, placing, and adjusting each light fixture, we can accentuate the various textures of your property, such as brick or stone, through stylish shadowing techniques.
  • Improve coloration – Our team is also highly skilled in using lighting to enhance or change the color of architecture and landscaping. For instance, our lighting can render a beige house gray or make a natural stone scheme appear more vibrant.

We can even incorporate color-changing LEDs into your architectural lighting, so you can fully control the color of your lighting through Wi-Fi to set whatever mood your heart desires. This feature is perfect for a residential pool area or patio area, and is also used by apartment complexes to catch the eye of passersby and increase curb appeal.

To learn more about the many benefits that architectural lighting affords properties, contact Pinnacle Lighting Group today.