We are a family-owned and operated design/build lighting firm specializing in new installation moonlighting, architectural, landscape, and specialty lighting. We can design and install artistic and energy-efficient entrance lighting, security lighting and sports lighting. We also offer solutions for lightning protection, existing lighting maintenance and temporary/permanent party lighting design.

Moonlighting Your Property

Pinnacle Lighting Group specializes in Moonlighting, or Level One lighting. This style of lighting involves placing lights in the tops of your tallest trees shining downward to create soft shadows, simulating a natural moonlit night.

Having fixtures mounted to your trees gives your space more depth and definition. To ensure you are getting the full moonlighting effect, other lights are strategically placed amongst foliage, landscaped gardens, pathways, etc. Moonlighting creates cohesion for the rest of your lighting, so your eyes don’t travel from one light to the next.

After installation, we will conduct a “Night Set”. A Night Set is a chance to walk through your property at night fall to review your lighting. This is also when any necessary adjustments are made to ensure proper aiming of lights.

This elegant lighting is perfect for any front or back yard, walkway, stairs, fire pit, docks, etc.

Elegant Landscape Lighting

We know that you have invested your time and monry into your landscape. Why allow nightfall to conceal one of the most appealing features of your property?

By adding outdoor lighting, you can produce practical yet beautiful results, which provides many unanticipated nighttime uses. We add landscape lighting, or Level Two lighting, to highlight your best landscape materials and de-enphasize those undesirable areas.

If uncertain which lighting systems work best for you, we have experienced lighting designers ready to assist you in making your property magnificent!

Lighting Maintenance Programs

Have you thought about accenting your pool area, children’s playground, gazebo or hot tub? Do you have a fountain or statue that you want to highlight? Our lighting designers will help you emphasize the right features to make your exterior a masterpiece!

The Pinnacle Lighting Group design team has received national recognition for their creative and innovative uses of new lighting technologies. No project is too small or too big. Just ask us to see some impressive photos of these exciting projects!

How do you create moods with lighting?

Light introduces emotional character into your property. Your space can create mystery, drama, whimsy or romance. Specialty lighting focuses on innovative, colorful and fascinating techniques for adding unique touches to your deck, stairs, water features, etc.

Let Pinnacle Lighting Group show you how our reputation for creative ideas and innovative design can work for you.

Security Lighting Elements

Proper outdoor lighting has two main purposes: to increase the beauty of your property and to improve the safety. Our team of lighting professionals specialize in combining both of these elements to provide you the ideal lighting system.

We use soft moonlighting with special glare shields to block the light source. Moonlighting also creates cohesion for your landscape lighting, keeping your property visible.

Adding exterior lighting is a major deterrent to intruders, while it offers you and your guests a more safe and pleasant atmosphere.

Lightning Protection From Trees

Is there a problem with lightning strikes in your area? Talk to our professionals about installing a grounding system that may lead a lighting strike directly into the earth.

How does this system work?

We install a conductor that pulls the energy into the ground, protecting your home and the electronics inside. We also install systems to protect keystone trees on your property.

Who would benefit from this protection?

These systems can also help protect keystone trees or trees that have historic value. Why let mother nature ruin your most prized possession?

With the increase of damaging storms, homeowners and communities are becoming more aware of the need for such protection system.

Entrance Focal Point

Is the front entrance way the focal point of your house?

Pinnacle Lighting Group softly light walls, columns, signs and gates. We use different colors of light to enhance the stone or brick at your entrances.

Let Pinnacle Lighting Group show you how to illuminate your leading focal point!

The correct lighting should welcome your guests to the property. Using the correct spectrum of light in Kelvins can enhance the architectural features of the property.