A Security Landscape Lighting System Will Surround Your Home with Beauty & Safety

Security Lighting As the sun fades each evening, so does the beauty of your property. Magnificent landscaping disappears into the shadows, incredible architecture fades into blackness, and unique features vanish into the dark. Even worse, each night as your property sits in the dark, it becomes more appealing to potential intruders who see the shadows as places where their mischievous intentions can be hidden in a shroud of darkness. Luckily for you, this isn’t how it has to be. At Pinnacle Lighting Group, we specialize in installing security landscape lighting systems that will not only allow the beauty of your property to shine after the sun goes down but will also help to keep it safe.

How Do Security Landscape Lighting Systems Work?

At Pinnacle Lighting Group, we utilize our moonlighting technique, which involves placing lights on the eaves of your home, as well as on the tops of your tallest trees to create a cohesive lighting design across your property. This lighting will illuminate your property by simulating a natural moonlit night, that way the focus is put on your property, not on the lights themselves. This lighting will provide security for your property in a number of ways, as it can:

  • Illuminate the dark or shadowy areas of your property that may be appealing to potential intruders
  • Allow your security cameras to stay in daylight mode, which will help them to capture clear images
  • Be set to a timer, so even if you’re not home, the lights will come on making it seem like you are

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