Residential Lighting That Will Wow Your Neighbors in New Orleans, LA

Residential Lighting New Orleans LAThe residential lighting experts that you should trust in New Orleans, Louisiana, are at Pinnacle Lighting Group. We go above and beyond what many outdoor lighting companies offer to create beautiful lighting schemes that celebrate the unique attributes of each property we work on. Instead of simply uplighting each tree in your yard or using lights of all the same color throughout the property, we blend uplighting and downlighting along with warm and cool hues to create a cohesive display that will illuminate the entire property in an attractive way.

PLG firmly believes that cohesion is the key to creating our stunning residential lighting displays in New Orleans, LA, and beyond. We don’t want passersby to say, “Look at those lights,” – we want them to say, “Wow, look at that beautiful property” without even realizing the lights are there. We do this through several different residential lighting techniques, including:

  • Landscape lighting – Using correctly placed lights that are just the right color temperature, we will make your landscaping look gorgeous at night, and can even make colors appear more vivid.
  • Architectural lighting – We will highlight the architectural elements of your property such as archways and columns to make it look inviting at night.
  • Boundary lighting – Not only will we ensure that our lighting design stops at the boundary of your property so as to not infringe on your neighbors, but by illuminating the boundaries of your property, we give it a secure, safe, and cozy feeling.

To learn more about having us complete a residential lighting project for your property, contact Pinnacle Lighting Group today. We work with landscape architects, house designers, and homeowners throughout the New Orleans, LA, area.