The Leader Among Outdoor Lighting Companies in Cincinnati, OH is Pinnacle lighting Group

Outdoor Lighting Companies Cincinnati OHPinnacle Lighting Group is one of the premier outdoor lighting companies serving the Cincinnati area. We work with landscape architects, homeowners, property managers, architects, business owners, and anyone else who may be in need of exterior lighting on their properties no matter what size. We have been in operation since 2000 providing innovative and customized lighting systems that are also practical and straightforward for the end user to operate. What’s more, we pride ourselves on being a highly professional company that is pleasant to work with, and always strives to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Experienced in Outdoor Lighting of All Kinds

No matter what your exterior lighting goals are, Pinnacle Lighting Group will work collaboratively with you to achieve them. Some of the methods of outdoor lighting we can implement on your property include:

  • Architectural lighting – We will illuminate the unique architectural features of your property that would otherwise be hidden in the shadows at night, such as archways, columns, and stonework, so that it appears warm and welcoming.
  • Landscape lighting – Enjoy the outdoor spaces on your property well into the night with landscape lighting that uplights majestic trees, makes grass and foliage appear more vivid in color, and gives life to outdoor areas like pools and patios.
  • Moonlighting – Have the effect of a full moon-lit evening every night with this enchanting effect that casts soft light downward from the tops of trees, and also brings cohesion to the entire landscape lighting design.

To learn more about what sets us apart from other outdoor lighting companies serving the Cincinnati area, contact Pinnacle Lighting Group today. We would be happy to discuss your outdoor lighting project with you.