Artistic Outdoor Lighting Solutions for Homeowners in Cincinnati, OH

Outdoor Lighting Cincinnati OHPinnacle Lighting Group has been specializing in artistic outdoor lighting since 2000, so if you are looking to enhance the beauty and security of your home in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area, we are the company to call. We have a passion for exterior lighting and would be delighted to create a custom lighting scheme that brings out the beauty of your home and landscaping.

Outdoor lighting serves two primary functions: improving the curb appeal of a home when it is dark outside and providing valuable safety and security by making walkways and entrances more visible. At PLG, we are well-versed in all kinds of exterior lighting and can create a unique combination of the following types of lighting just for your Cincinnati, OH, home, to accomplish both of these goals in an artistic way:

  • Landscape lighting
  • Architectural lighting
  • Entrance lighting
  • Moonlight lighting
  • Artistic security lighting
  • Specialty lighting
  • Event lighting

We use the latest technology in outdoor lighting and have the skill to manipulate our lights to showcase or even improve elements of your home. For example, we can use colored lights to make your lawn look greener, hardscape lights to enhance the texture of a stone or brick façade, and well-placed moonlights to give your backyard a fairytale feel. In fact, you may end up liking the way your home looks at night more than you do during the day!

If you would like more information about having one of our spectacular outdoor lighting designs created for your property in Cincinnati, OH, contact Pinnacle Lighting Group today.