Advanced Outdoor Lighting Solutions for Homes in Charlotte, NC

Outdoor Lighting Charlotte NCWith outdoor lighting from Pinnacle Lighting Group, your property in Charlotte, North Carolina, can remain attractive and secure even after the sun goes down. We have been in business since 2000 and use the most innovative technology and pioneering techniques to create captivating lighting designs that will give your home an enchanting look after dark, while also providing enhanced security by keeping your property free of shadows.

At PLG, we consider outdoor lighting to be an art form. We don’t use one-size-fits-all solutions, but rather our designers masterfully blend technical aptitude and artistic passion to create a custom lighting design for each client. Even if the primary reason you are looking for outdoor lighting for your Charlotte, NC, area home is security, we will create a design that keeps your property illuminated and allows security cameras to capture any potential activity, while still providing a cohesive and artistic lighting scheme. PLG expertly combines several types of exterior lighting to create our designs, including:

  • Architectural lighting to highlight elements such as archways, columns, and building textures
  • Landscape lighting to emphasize beautiful trees, make grass look greener, and illuminate outdoor spaces such as fire pits
  • Moonlighting which creates depth and definition, and creates a cohesion between the other types of lighting
  • Entrance lighting to make the entryway of your home warm and welcoming to guests
  • Specialty lighting to add emotional character to your property, such as changing LED colors on stairs or lighted water features

Additionally, PLG is the go-to source for lighting an outdoor event. We can create a romantic atmosphere for a wedding, a whimsical feel for your corporate event, and much more.

To learn more about the many outdoor lighting solutions we can provide for your property in Charlotte, NC, or surrounding area, contact Pinnacle Lighting Group today.