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Outdoor Landscape LightingFor professional outdoor landscape lighting, turn to the company that has provided exceptional products and services for homeowners throughout the US and beyond since 2000, Pinnacle Lighting Group. We believe that a property’s aesthetic appeal, accessibility, and security doesn’t need to disappear every night with the setting sun. Our outdoor lighting provides the ultimate solution.

Outdoor landscape lighting has two key functions: to increase the beauty of the property and to improve its safety. By using state-of-the-art design capabilities and high-end products equipped with innovative technology, PLG’s light specialists elegantly combine these two purposes, transforming the planning process into an art rather than a mechanical science.

Since opening our doors, we have worked alongside architects, landscape architects, homeowners, interior designers, home builders, and landscape contractors to complete a wide range of outdoor landscape lighting projects that utilize our designs, including:

  • Moonlighting – We’ll place lights in the tops of your tallest trees and on the eaves of your home to create the sensation of an elegant, natural moonlit evening.
  • Landscape lighting – This type of lighting highlights and enhances your best landscape features while de-emphasizing the less desirable areas of your property.
  • Architectural lighting – Our hardscape lighting highlights striking architectural attributes by accenting the gorgeous textures of your home.
  • Artistic security lighting – By creating lighted cohesion across your entire property, exterior illumination acts as a major deterrent to intruders, providing you and your guests with safety and security through picturesque lighting.
  • Specialty lighting – To add unique touches to your stairs, pool, deck, or other similar areas, we will utilize innovative and colorful techniques to add character to your property.
  • Event lighting – For an enhanced atmosphere, we can install festive outdoor landscape lighting that is either temporary or permanent, perfect for events such as weddings, parties, and corporate socials.

Through our pioneering lighting techniques, we will introduce personality into your property while creating cohesive lighting that truly sets your home apart from all others in the neighborhood. By meticulously placing and manipulating the fixtures, our specialists can generate breathtaking intrigue by emphasizing your home’s architectural features and casting ethereal shadows across its natural textures. What’s more, we can transform your lackluster foliage into lush greenery or even turn a drab color scheme into a vibrant work of art.

For more information about our innovative outdoor landscape lighting, contact Pinnacle Lighting Group today. Let us shed some light on how our creative ideas can meet your illumination needs.