Innovative Outdoor Lighting Design from the Professionals at Pinnacle Lighting Group

Lighting DesignPinnacle Lighting Group specializes in artistic lighting design, and we’re the company to call on when you need outdoor lighting for your property. Family-owned and -operated since opening our doors in 2000, we use a highly collaborative process to ensure that your new lighting system will be uniquely tailored to your property and your individual preferences. By innovatively merging the technical details of exterior lighting design with our creative ideas, PLG delivers unimaginable beauty and enhanced security through a mixture of shadowing techniques, color blending, and precise light placement.

Whether you’re in the market for a lighting system that simulates a charming moonlit night, or you want to accentuate your awe-inspiring chateau with an even more impressive ambiance, PLG provides numerous options to meet your lighting design needs, including:

  • Moonlighting
  • Landscape lighting
  • Architectural lighting
  • Artistic security lighting
  • Entrance lighting
  • Specialty lighting
  • Event lighting

Through our unparalleled experience and knowledge of lighting design, PLG has a unique solution for every illumination endeavor. For instance, if you want to keep the personality and grandeur of your home from fading with the sun every evening, our architectural lighting is ideal. By meticulously adjusting each fixture’s angle and distance from the home, our specialists use shadowing to elegantly amplify your home’s textures with striking contrast. For those wishing to revive a yard withered away by winter, PLG manipulates the light spectrum to transform a dull lawn into an ocean of sumptuous green. Additionally, we can combine our different lighting techniques to provide a truly stunning effect for your property.

To learn more about how Pinnacle Lighting Group can create a personalized lighting design to greatly enhance the aesthetic of your home while offering invaluable security to you and your guests, contact us today. We proudly serve customers throughout the US and beyond.