Landscape Moonlighting by Pinnacle Lighting Group Will Keep Your Nashville Property Looking Amazing All Night Long

Landscape MoonlightingIf you have gorgeous landscaping that you’ve worked hard to create, don’t let it disappear into the shadows after nightfall. Instead, consider having Pinnacle Lighting Group install a landscape moonlighting system on your property that will showcase its beauty all night long. By strategically placing downward facing lights on the eaves of your home and in the tops of your tallest trees, we are able to create soft shadows that simulate a natural moonlit night and will illuminate your entire property.

Enjoy the Benefits of Landscape Moonlighting

Not only do our landscape moonlighting systems look amazing, they come with a variety of benefits, too. Our landscape moonlighting will:

  • Create a cohesive lighting effect that will have viewers focused on your property, not on the lighting itself.
  • Give your property more depth and definition.
  • Allow you to utilize your outdoor areas at night.
  • Be customized to highlight the unique attributes of your property, such as trees, bushes, and pool and patio areas.
  • Provide security for your property by eliminating shadowy areas where potential intruders may want to lurk. It will also allow your security cameras to stay in daytime mode, which will enable them to capture clear images even in the middle of the night.

Additionally, all of our installers are our own employees, so you can feel confident that your installation will be completed by knowledgeable and experienced lighting experts and we will stand behind their work. We also will never consider a job complete until you’re completely satisfied, and will clean up our worksite after we have finished the installation.

For more information about the landscape moonlighting designs, or the other types of outdoor lighting designs we have available for property owners in the Nashville area, contact Pinnacle Lighting Group today.