Get Gorgeous Landscape Lighting for Your Property in New Orleans, LA, from Pinnacle Lighting Group

Landscape Lighting New Orleans LAPinnacle Lighting Group can provide the perfect landscape lighting design for your property in New Orleans, Louisiana. If you are a landscape architect, house designer, or home or business owner that has put a lot of time and energy into an eye-catching landscape design for a property, then why only enjoy it when the sun is out? In fact, with our stunning outdoor lighting designs, you may enjoy your landscaping even more after dark.

When you partner with PLG, we will collaborate with you and listen to your wants and needs for landscape lighting for your property in New Orleans, LA. We will then use our advanced technical knowledge and artistic creativity to develop a customized, state-of-the-art outdoor lighting design that exceeds your expectations. We do this by creating a cohesive display out of multiple types of well-placed lights, including:

  • Architectural lighting – Also known as hardscape lighting, this type of lighting illuminates the textures and architectural elements of the building(s) on your property.
  • Landscape lighting – We will strategically place lights around the landscaping that highlight the best features, such as grand trees and beautiful flowers, and we can even make the colors of your landscaping appear more vivid.
  • Moonlighting – By placing lights atop tall trees and eaves that point downward, we create the atmosphere of an enchanted moonlit evening.
  • Artistic security lighting – Intruders are deterred from stepping foot on a property that is well-lit, yet we will blend these lights in with the rest of the landscape lighting design in an artistic and cohesive way.
  • Specialty lighting – Add character to your property with color-changing LED lights, strip lights on stairs, and other creative options.

To learn more about the landscape lighting services we offer, contact Pinnacle Lighting Group today. We work on homes and businesses in New Orleans, LA, and throughout the country.