A Skilled Landscape Lighting Company Serving New Orleans

For a landscape lighting company that will create a customized look for your property in New Orleans, put your trust in Pinnacle Lighting Group. Since 2000, we have worked on residences and commercial properties across the country to create one-of-a-kind lighting designs that enhance the beauty of each property. We do so by paying attention to the unique details of each property that others may overlook, and we are also masters at blending our artistic passion for lighting design with technical knowledge of color temperatures and the latest innovations in outdoor lights.

Landscape Lighting Company New Orleans LAA Customized Lighting Design Just for Your Property

Some of the methods we can employ to create a unique landscape lighting design for your property include:

  • Moonlighting – One of our most popular styles of lighting, this type of lighting replicates soft moonlight bouncing across trees and the ground to create a serene, romantic atmosphere, while also adding extra depth to the overall lighting design.
  • Uplighting – We can highlight grand trees or architectural elements such as columns and archways by placing lights below that are aimed upward.
  • Pathlighting – By illuminating pathways and steps, your property will be safer to navigate at night.
  • Colored lighting – Using our knowledge of color temperatures, we can enhance the colors of your yard at night, such as making grass appear greener.
  • Artistic security lighting – We can ensure that your property is well-lit in order to deter intruders but will do so in an artistic way that is cohesive with the rest of the lighting design.

To see for yourself what makes us a leading landscape lighting company, contact Pinnacle Lighting Group today. We work with landscape architects, property managers, house designers, and homeowners throughout the New Orleans, LA, area.