Spectacular Landscape Lighting Designs for Homes and Businesses in Charlotte, NC

Landscape Lighting Charlotte NCIf you are looking for landscape lighting designers for a property in Charlotte, North Carolina, look no further than Pinnacle Lighting Group. We are a family-owned business, and our owner is involved in all the projects we complete. So, you can count on personalized service, and we won’t consider the job complete until you are completely satisfied with our work. For instance, we always meet with our clients at night so they can see how we have set up the lights to ensure their approval before doing any final installation. That’s just one of the many ways we go above and beyond what many other landscape lighting companies provide.

At PLG, we don’t simply place lights around your property. We collaborate with landscape architects, homeowners, and property managers to create a cohesive and artistic landscape lighting display that achieves all their goals, whether it be enhanced security, attracting the eye of passersby at night, or making outdoor spaces more enjoyable to use. For your property in Charlotte, NC, we can:

  • Augment its unique traits – Whether you have a large majestic tree on your property, or an outdoor pool area that you’d like to be able to enjoy at night, we will ensure that it is beautifully lit.
  • Enhance colors – By using light of the correct color temperature, we can make grass appear greener and flowers appear more vivid in color.
  • Provide security – A home with exterior lighting is three times less likely to be broken into, plus our landscape lighting designs will make it safer for you and your guests to navigate the property at night.

For more information on the landscape lighting services we provide in Charlotte, NC, contact Pinnacle Lighting Group today.