The Foremost Landscape Lighting Experts in Birmingham, AL – Pinnacle Light Group

Landscape Lighting Birmingham ALFor professional landscape lighting that will turn heads after dark, turn to the professionals at Pinnacle Lighting Group. We work with landscape architects, house designers, and homeowners in Birmingham, Alabama, and throughout the country to create stunning and artistic outdoor lighting displays that celebrate and enhance the beauty of their properties. Don’t let the lights go out on the beautiful landscape you’ve worked hard to cultivate; instead, let us illuminate it so it can be enjoyed all night along.

PLG has extensive technical knowledge of the latest innovations in landscape lighting, which we will use along with our artistic passion to create a customized outdoor lighting design specifically for your property in Birmingham, AL. By blending multiple types of lights and lighting styles, we will:

  • Improve the colors of your landscaping, such as making grass appear greener or flowers appear more vivid
  • Draw attention away from less desirable areas of the lawn
  • Make outdoor areas such as outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and pools safer and more enjoyable to use at night

Plus, landscape lighting will also make your property more secure. A well-lit property deters would-be intruders, and security cameras are better able to capture footage of areas that are lighted. And, PLG will implement security lights in an artistic way that is cohesive with the rest of the outdoor lighting design.

Contact Pinnacle Lighting Group today to talk to a designer and get started on a landscape lighting design for your property in the Birmingham, AL, area.