Artistic Security Lighting for Properties in New Orleans, LA

Artistic Security Lighting New Orleans LAWith artistic security lighting from Pinnacle Lighting Group, your property in New Orleans, Louisiana, can be more secure at night yet in a cohesive and beautiful way. PLG has been in operation since 2000, and we consider exterior lighting to be an art form. So, instead of simply washing out your property in bright flood lights, we will keep it illuminated in a manner that also makes it look enchanting and enticing to your neighbors and passerby.

PLG can create artistic security lighting schemes for residences and commercial properties throughout the New Orleans, LA area. We work with exterior lighting manufacturers directly to obtain the latest technology in outdoor lights, instead of getting run-of-the-mill lights from big box stores. Furthermore, we will assess your property and listen to your needs in order to create a security lighting design that is unique to your property. Even though the final product will be a beautiful, cohesive exterior lighting design, your property will be more secure by:

  • Eliminating dark areas where intruders can lurk
  • Allowing security cameras to capture any activity on the property without having to be in night-vision mode
  • Making it easier for you and your guests to navigate outdoor areas such as pathways

Plus, PLG ensures that our security lighting designs do not infringe on neighboring properties by precisely placing shields that cut off the lighting at the edge of the property. And, to make your life easier, the lights can be run on timers and through wireless remotes.

To learn more about our artistic security lighting designs, contact Pinnacle Lighting Group today. We would be delighted to create an exterior lighting design for your property in the New Orleans, LA, area.