Artistic Security Lighting for Homes and Businesses in Cleveland, OH

Artistic Security Lighting Cleveland OHPinnacle Lighting Group can create an artistic security lighting design for your property in Cleveland, Ohio, that makes it safer at night while still looking beautiful. Instead of merely affixing blinding floodlights around the property, we will create a display unique to your property that enhances its attractiveness while also eliminating dark shadows where trespassers can lurk.

At PLG, we pride ourselves on creating an original lighting design for each property we work on. The artistic security lighting scheme for your property in Cleveland, OH, will be cohesive and aesthetically pleasing, so that it is not obvious that the primary purpose of the lights are for security. What’s more, our state-of-the-art lighting equipment is able to be controlled wirelessly and through timers, making it easy for you to use. We are highly skilled in installing outdoor lighting, so you can expect that your security lights will:

  • Allow cameras to stay in day mode, instead of switching to night vision, so that they are better capture any activity on the property
  • Deter intruders from attempting to access your property, as there are no dark areas for them to hide
  • Not flood neighbors’ properties with light, as we use shields and fixtures in addition to precise lighting placement to prevent this

What’s more, in addition to protecting your home against nefarious activity, having a well-lit property also makes it more enjoyable for you and your guests to be outdoors in the evening, as you and your guests will be able to navigate pathways, steps, and entryways more safely at night.

For more information on our artistic security lighting services, contact Pinnacle Lighting Group today. We work on residences and commercial properties in Cleveland, OH, and throughout the country.