Architectural Lighting from Pinnacle Lighting Group Enhances Properties Throughout New Orleans, LA

Architectural Lighting New Orleans LAWith an architectural lighting design from Pinnacle Lighting Group, your property in New Orleans, Louisiana, will be more aesthetically pleasing and safer at night. PLG is a family-owned and -operated design/build lighting firm that has been in operation since 2000. We take a collaborative approach with our clients – whether they are landscape architects, house designers, property managers, or homeowners – to create unique, stunning lighting designs that also take into account our clients’ needs.

When you partner with PLG to create an architectural lighting design for your property in New Orleans, LA, you can count on an artistic display that will:

  • Enhance the most notable features of your property, such as columns or tall eaves
  • Make it safer to navigate the property at night
  • Divert attention away from less desirable areas of the property
  • Make the colors of the building appear more vivid

What’s more, when creating the architectural lighting scheme for your property, we can also incorporate artistic security lighting into the design. By keeping your property well-lit at night, there will be no shadows where intruders can hide and security cameras are able to stay in day mode to better capture any activity on the property. But, the security lighting will blend seamlessly in with the rest of the lights, creating one cohesive and artistic design.

To learn more about the architectural lighting design services we can provide for your property in New Orleans, LA, or anywhere else in the country, contact Pinnacle Lighting Group today.