The Architectural Lighting Company to Trust in Hattiesburg, MS, is Pinnacle Lighting Group

Pinnacle Lighting Group is an outdoor and architectural lighting company serving the Hattiesburg, MS, area that can ensure your property continues to have curb appeal even after the sun sets. In fact, you may even like the way your property looks at night better than you do during the day! That’s because PLG doesn’t just have the technical knowledge of the proper methods of designing and installing an outdoor lighting system, but we also consider exterior lighting to be an art form, and each property we work on a blank canvas.

Architectural Lighting Company Hattiesburg MSOutdoor Lighting can Highlight Your Property’s Best Features

Pinnacle Lighting Group is a trusted architectural lighting company because we are masters at using a variety of different methods to highlight the unique attributes of a property. Some of these techniques include:

  • Illuminating architectural features that would otherwise be hidden, and disguising features that may not be as appealing
  • Augmenting natural colors and textures, such as stone or brick, by implementing lights in complementary color tones
  • Contrasting hard and soft lighting to make prominent architectural features stand out, such as columns and archways
  • Accomplishing a cohesive design that draws visitors in to the main focal point of your property – a pleasantly lit entryway

To get started on an exterior lighting design for a property in Hattiesburg, MS, contact Pinnacle Lighting Group today. You will see for yourself why our renowned architectural lighting company has been featured in Southern Living Magazine and the television show “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.”