What Voltage is Landscape Lighting?

Landscape Lighting Having landscape lighting installed on your property is a great way to highlight its beauty after nightfall. If you’re interested in having this type of lighting installed on your property, you may be wondering what voltage is commonly used to power these lights. The answer to that question depends on a number of factors, but it will almost always be either low voltage (12 volts) or line voltage (120 volts). Let’s take a look at these voltages and why they are used in certain situations.

Low Voltage (12V) Landscape Lighting

This type of lighting is most commonly used for residential outdoor lighting, as it is easier to install than line voltage lighting, and doesn’t require you to hire a licensed electrician. This makes low voltage lighting an ideal option for homeowners who want to do the installation themselves. While this lighting can make a home stand out, it doesn’t do as good of a job on larger properties because the lights just aren’t as strong as lights powered by line voltage.

Line Voltage (120) Landscape Lighting

Often used for larger residential properties, commercial properties, and public venues, line voltage is a much more powerful type of lighting. It will need to be installed by licensed electricians due to the dangers involved and the requirements that must be met. If the property you’re trying to light is large, it’s worth hiring a professional to have these lights installed.

Professional Landscape Lighting Offered by the Professionals at Pinnacle Lighting Group

If you’re looking to have landscape lighting installed on your property, turn to the experts at Pinnacle Lighting Group. We will come out to your property for an on-site consultation during which we will discuss your goals, and then recommend the right type of lighting to meet them all. What’s more, after your new lighting system is installed, we will meet with you at night to review your new lights and make sure you’re completely satisfied with the way they look before we consider the job complete.

To learn more about the landscape lighting systems we have available, contact Pinnacle Lighting Group today. We look forward to helping you achieve all of your lighting goals.