Pinnacle Lighting Group (PLG) is excited to announce our new program – The Pinnacle Initiative.

The Pinnacle Initiative provides solutions for businesses that have a large lighting footprint — hospitals, churches, schools, strip malls, big box stores and the like — by replacing all of their existing, outdated lighting and replacing it with energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly LED lighting.  The cost savings on businesses’ monthly electric bills are significant.

The best part though?  There are no capital expenditures for participating businesses.  They don’t pay a dime on the lighting upgrades if their property qualifies.  The Pinnacle Initiative absorbs all of the cost.

Why Is Pinnacle Well-Suited for this Work?

Pinnacle Lighting Group is a well positioned company because in addition to our extensive residential work, Pinnacle does considerable work with hospitals, universities and country clubs.  For those businesses, upgrading their lighting for free while cutting their monthly electric bills is a win-win proposition.

Why Does PLG Do All of This Work for “Free”?

The Pinnacle Initiative is successful because it has a viable business model with recurring revenue that can be projected far into the future.

The Pinnacle Initiative Program will replace all your existing lighting for zero capital cost on qualifying properties with high quality LED fixtures. You will receive a fully guaranteed warranty for the contract period of 15 years on the upgrades, re-lamping, labor, replacement and maintenance. The energy savings are allocated where the property owner keeps 25% of the energy savings. Pinnacle and its Partners will receive 75% to cover the re-lamping, fixture upgrades, & maintenance for the contract period.

This sounds fantastic!  Where can I find out more information?

Call Pinnacle today at (888) 338-0186 or fill out the form below to schedule a phone call with our staff.

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