Add a Sense of Charm and Sophistication to Your Nashville, TN, Area Property with String Lights from Pinnacle Lighting Group

String Lights

String lights from Pinnacle Lighting Group will beautifully transform your Nashville, Tennessee, area property by giving it an old-time vintage feel. They are perfect for lighting up your porch, adding ambiance to your patio, or creating a romantic environment for your restaurant. When you decide to work with PLG to have string lights installed on your property, you can count on working with knowledgeable experts who will listen to your goals and provide recommendations to meet both your needs and budget. Then, once you have settled on a design, our technicians will get right to work to install your string lights and will review them with you at night to ensure your approval before they consider the job complete.

Great Reasons to Have String Lights Installed on Your Property

Having string lights installed on your property comes with a number of benefits that you’ll be sure to love. That’s because string lights are:

  • Stylish – The decorative shape of these glass bulbs, along with the visible filaments inside of it, create a unique and vintage look that will make your property stand out.
  • Dimmable – String lights are dimmable so you can adjust their brightness to create the atmosphere you’re looking for.
  • Energy Efficient – Our strings lights are composed of top-quality LED bulbs that are extremely energy efficient. In fact, our LED bulbs only use a quarter of the energy as standard lightbulbs, which could lead to lower energy bills for you.

To learn more about the top-notch string lights that we have available to homeowners throughout the Nashville, TN, area, contact Pinnacle Lighting Group today and see what sets us apart from other lighting companies.