Impressive Outdoor Lighting That Will Rejuvenate the Ambiance of Your New Orleans, LA, Property

Outdoor Lighting New Orleans LAIf you’re looking to incorporate awe-inspiring outdoor lighting into your property in the New Orleans, Louisiana, area, partnering with the professionals at Pinnacle Lighting Group is a bright idea. We are a family-owned and -operated design/build lighting firm that provides unique, top-of-the-line lighting systems for clients throughout the United States. Whether you’re searching for a reliable company that can offer exterior lighting to highlight the old-fashioned columns of your traditional double-gallery house near the Garden District or to accentuate your gorgeous Louisiana irises and southern magnolias in the evening time, you can rely on us.

At PLG, we proudly offer several different outdoor lighting options for residential and commercial properties throughout New Orleans, LA, including:

  • Landscape lighting – This type of lighting accents and enriches the best aspects of your landscape while de-emphasizing the less desirable areas.
  • Artistic security lighting – For enhanced security and safety, we create an unremitting cohesion of light strewn across your entire property, helping to produce an effective deterrent to trespassers.
  • Architectural lighting – Also referred to as hardscape lighting, this style of outdoor lighting focuses on accentuating the eye-catching features of your architecture to highlight the striking textures of your home.
  • Moonlighting – By placing light fixtures at the highest points throughout your property, this illumination technique delivers unrivaled beauty and awe by simulating a whimsical moonlit night.
  • Event lighting – For events like parties, weddings, and company get-togethers, we offer temporary and permanent outdoor lighting to transform the atmosphere from mundane to magical.
  • Specialty lighting – We can enhance the character of your property by incorporating unique touches to your deck, pool, and stairs, among other areas.

For more information on the outdoor lighting we offer residential and commercial property owners throughout New Orleans, LA, contact Pinnacle Lighting Group today.