The Outdoor Lighting Experts for Mobile, AL, Homes is Pinnacle Lighting Group

Outdoor Lighting Mobile ALWith outdoor lighting from Pinnacle Lighting Group, your home in Mobile, Alabama, will still have curb appeal and enhanced safety after the sun sets. Our exterior lighting experts will create a cohesive and elegant lighting scheme specifically for your property that will not only enhance its beauty but also its functionality at night. You and your guests will be able to navigate pathways, entrances, and outdoor spaces easier, while enjoying an artistic and enchanting lighting display. Plus, keeping your property illuminated at night detracts intruders and keeps your family safer.

We will blend multiple types of lighting to create the outdoor lighting design for your home in Mobile, AL, including:

  • Architectural lighting – We will use hardscape lighting to emphasize structural features such as columns and archways.
  • Landscape lighting – Using lights of various color temperatures and hues, we can highlight beautiful trees and make your lawn seem lush and green even at night.
  • Moonlighting – We place lights on eaves and atop trees shining downwards, simulating moonlight, to add depth and create soft shadows.
  • Security lighting – By keeping your property illuminated, there are no dark areas where intruders can lurk and security cameras can capture everything, yet we will still blend these lights in with the others in an artistic way.

PLG also uses our acumen at outdoor lighting for outdoor events. We will convey whatever mood is most appropriate for your event, whether it be a romantic wedding, a whimsical birthday party, or a swanky corporate event.

Contact Pinnacle Lighting Group today to get started on an outdoor lighting project for your home, in the Mobile, AL, area, so you can continue to enjoy your property when the sun goes down.