Moonlight Lighting Introduces Surreal Beauty and Enhanced Security to Your Property Through Cohesive Illumination

Moonlight LightingAt Pinnacle Lighting Group, we specialize in moonlight lighting for our clients throughout the US and beyond. Moonlighting is our signature lighting technique, and it is what sets us apart from other exterior lighting companies. With this system, we create the perfect blend of artistic design and technical experience to produce an unmatched cohesion of lighting. By mounting fixtures on the eaves of your home and the tops of your tallest trees, the light shines downward through the tree branches, gently casting soft shadows across your property and simulating an elegant moonlit night. The cohesive lighting generated through moonlight lighting prevents your guests’ eyes from darting from one light fixture to the next and allows them to marvel at the entirety of your property.

Also called Level One lighting, moonlight lighting from PLG will:

  • Give your property more depth and definition
  • Keep your landscape visible and connected through cohesive lighting
  • Provide a stunning “wow” effect to your property as a whole
  • Improve safety and security by eliminating any dark, hidden areas

Whether it’s your backyard, walkway, fire pit, or dock, moonlight lighting is guaranteed to add a greater depth of emotion, whimsy, and even romance to any area of your property. To ensure you receive the full moonlighting effect, PLG will strategically place other light fixtures among any foliage, pathways, and gardens for added light cohesion, as well as improved security. Furthermore, every light fixture we install comes equipped with a glare shield to block the light source, thus directing light only where it is desired and avoiding any distracting or harsh brightness.

For additional information on how moonlight lighting can create an atmosphere of unparalleled elegance and improved security, contact the outdoor lighting specialists who have proudly served the entire US and beyond since 2000 – Pinnacle Lighting Group.