Impressive LED Outdoor Lighting for Your Property from Pinnacle Lighting Group

LED Outdoor LightingOutdoor lighting that uses LED lights has become increasingly popular. LED lights are far more energy efficient than incandescent lights, and they do not become hot, even when they’ve been illuminated for hours. This makes them safer to use, especially on trees and other foliage. Pinnacle Lighting Group keeps up to date with all the latest products and techniques for outdoor lighting, and we would be delighted to create an outdoor lighting design for your property that utilizes this latest innovation in lighting.

Pinnacle Lighting Group is experienced in all types of outdoor lighting, including landscape lighting, architectural lighting, pathway lighting, and many more. We have a wide array of LED lighting that we can use to enhance the beauty and increase the safety of your property once the sun goes down. Just some of the examples of our LED outdoor lighting products include:

  • Attention-grabbing color-changing LED lights, which are ideal if you want your commercial property, such as a high-end apartment complex or business, to be noticed by passersby
  • LED strip lights that can outline specific areas or even an entire house
  • Wi-Fi-compatible LED lights that let you change the color or intensity of the lights through your smartphone

PLG can also use our outdoor lighting expertise to provide you with specialty LED lighting for your upcoming outdoor event. By using these vivid, multi-colored lights, we can create the emotional character for your event that you are looking for, such as a romantic wedding, a swanky cocktail party, or a whimsical child’s birthday party.

To learn more about the LED outdoor lighting designs we can create for your property, contact Pinnacle Lighting Group today.