Landscape Moonlighting by Pinnacle Lighting Group Creates Captivating Lawns for Atlanta, GA, Properties

On a moonlit evening, the light bounces across the leaves and branches of trees, serenely reflecting their shadows on the ground. Having landscape moonlighting installed on your property can recreate this effect so that you can enjoy a moonlit lawn all of the time, even when the sky is cloudy. Pinnacle Lighting Group is an expert at moonlighting. In fact, it is one of our most sought after lighting services due to our expertise at creating it. By placing lights atop the tallest trees, the light shines downwards and spread amongst the rest of the foliage, giving your entire property an enchanting and inviting feel.

Landscape Moonlighting Atlanta GAEnjoy a Professionally Moonlit Lawn

Moonlighting doesn’t just look nice, it also has many benefits, especially when it is done professionally by the experts at PLG. Our landscape moonlighting will:

  • Create cohesion in your landscape lighting design by eliminating bright hot spots
  • Make your outdoor areas more enjoyable to use at night
  • Provide security for your property by eliminating shadows where intruders can hide

We can create a landscape moonlighting system for any type of property – residential or business, large or small. Your moonlighting will be created specifically for your property to highlight areas of interest, and can also be configured to draw attention away from less desirable areas.

So, let Pinnacle Lighting Group help you lasso the moon and enjoy a gorgeously lit property every night, no matter the time of month or the weather. To learn more about landscape moonlighting, contact us today. We serve the entire Atlanta area.