Premier Landscape Lighting Installation Services Available to Home and Business Owners in the Atlanta, GA, Area

Landscape Lighting Installation
When you’re looking for landscape lighting installation services for your home or business in the Atlanta area, there’s no better company to turn to than Pinnacle Lighting Group. Not only do we offer top-of-the-line lights that will beautifully illuminate your property, we also have an experienced and knowledgeable installation team that takes pride in performing outstanding work, as well as providing exceptional customer service. Once you place a call to us, our landscape lighting installation team will come out and assess your property, listen to your lighting goals, and help you come up with a design that will meet both your needs and your budget. And, once they complete the installation, they will review your new lights with you after nightfall to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with your new landscape lighting.

Benefits of Landscape Lighting

The landscape lighting installation services we offer have two primary purposes, increase the beauty of your property, and also to make your property safer.


Our landscape lighting will create a cohesive look that will highlight certain parts of your property you want to stand out like historic trees, beautifully trimmed bushes, or pool and patio areas, while also drawing attention away from the less desirable areas of your property. It can also make it seem like your property is being illuminated by the moonlight.


A well-illuminated property is statistically three times less likely to be broken into than a property with no lights. Our landscape lighting will not only eliminate the shadowy areas of your home where potential intruders may want to lurk, they will also allow your security cameras to stay operating in daylight mode, giving them the ability to capture clear images, even in the middle of the night.

Contact Pinnacle Lighting Group

For more information about the landscape lighting installation or landscape lighting design services we can provide for your home or business in the Atlanta area, contact Pinnacle Lighting Group today. We would love to come out to your property and make it shine long after the sun has gone down.