Landscape Lighting Design that Will Set Your Property Apart

Landscape Lighting DesignThe landscape lighting design experts at Pinnacle Lighting Group will make your home the envy of the neighborhood. After all, why should your home and the landscaping you’ve invested in stop being enjoyed after dark? PLG has been in business since 2000, and we can use our technical knowledge and artistic passion for exterior lighting to enhance your outdoor areas so that they are safer and more enjoyable to use well into the evening.

PLG will use our knowledge of exterior lighting to create a custom landscape lighting design specifically for your property. We take a collaborative approach with homeowners and landscape architects to ensure that each clients’ wants and needs are met, and that the final product produces the “wow” factor they are looking for.

PLG blends multiple types of lighting, such as uplighting, moonlighting, and pathway lighting, to create landscape lighting designs that will:

  • Provide illuminated pathways that make it safer for you and your guests to navigate the outdoor areas of your home
  • Augment the colors of your landscaping, for instance making grass look greener or seasonal foliage appear more vibrant
  • Allow you to entertain outdoors late into the evening in an enchanting setting
  • Provide security by eliminating dark areas where intruders can lurk
  • Emphasize attractive features of your landscaping while drawing attention away from less attractive areas

Whether you are a homeowner, house designer, or landscape architect, contact Pinnacle Lighting Group today to get started on a landscape lighting design that will truly set your property apart once the sun goes down.