Customized Landscape Lighting Services for Homes and Businesses in Cincinnati, OH

Landscape Lighting Cincinnati OHPinnacle Lighting Group has been creating unique and stunning landscape lighting designs for landscape architects, house designers, homes, and businesses throughout Cincinnati, Ohio, since 2000. Our expertise goes beyond just lights, as we will handle the entire project of designing and installing complete lighting displays, and will work with everyone involved in the project, including contractors, inspectors, and property managers.

When you partner with PLG for a landscape lighting design, we will assess the unique traits of your landscaping to create the best lighting design possible. For instance, we can uplight a towering and majestic tree in your yard, give your pool a tropical oasis feel, and illuminate pathways to make outdoor areas easier to navigate. Plus, our landscape lighting experts are familiar with the entire range of lighting temperatures, and will utilize this knowledge the way a fine artist uses paint to create a masterpiece. This can include creating custom effects around your property in Cincinnati, OH, or using colored light to make grass and foliage appear green in even the middle of winter.

In addition to the aesthetic appeal of landscape lighting, our outdoor lighting also has practical benefits, including:

  • Deterring crime – A home with landscape lighting is three times less likely to be broken into than a property that has numerous shadows in which intruders can hide.
  • Safety – Security cameras are better able to capture any activity happening on the property and can stay in daylight mode when the outdoor are well lit.
  • Welcoming guests – We will design your lighting system so that it gradually and gently guides visitors to the entrance of your property.

To get started on a landscape lighting design for your property in Cincinnati, OH, or a nearby city, contact Pinnacle Lighting Group today.