Stunning and Innovative College Campus Lighting Provided Across the Country by Pinnacle Lighting Group

College Campus LightingPinnacle Lighting Group focuses on two key functions when creating our outdoor lighting systems: optimizing the beauty of a property, and improving the safety and security of those on the property after nightfall. So it stands to reason that a place that could benefit greatly from both of those functions would be an expansive and stately property such as a college campus. Pinnacle Lighting Group is proud to have used our expertise to develop a lighting system for the Wofford College campus in South Carolina that celebrates its unique architecture and tree life, as well as creates a safe environment for students, faculty, and staff at night.

It’s no wonder that PLG was chosen for this prestigious project as we are highly regarded for our expertise in lighting trees, and the Wofford College campus is recognized as a national arboretum. In fact, more than 5000 trees have been planted on the campus since 1992. Furthermore, the architecture of Wofford College is considered to be one of the best examples of “Tuscan Villa” architecture in the country, so it deserved to have exterior lighting that celebrated its beauty. Pinnacle Lighting Group devised a cohesive lighting system that blended landscape lighting, architectural lighting, and moonlighting to enhance all of the gorgeous and unique attributes found on this college campus.

Additionally, Pinnacle Lighting Group understood the importance of using cutting-edge LED lights when completing this college campus lighting project. The energy efficient lights used at Wofford College will use over 50% less energy than the previous lighting system did. Plus, the lights we use reduced night sky pollution, and eliminated the glare of high-intensity artificial lights providing a more pleasant experience for pedestrians navigating the campus at night.

If you are interested in having an outdoor lighting system created for a college campus, or any other type of property, contact Pinnacle Lighting Group today. We will be happy to discuss your project with you.