Bring Your Backyard to Life at Night with Backyard Lighting from Pinnacle Lighting Group

Backyard Lighting Spending time in the backyard entertaining family and friends is a great way to enjoy the day. But if you want to continue the festivities after nightfall, you’ll need adequate backyard lighting. Since 2000, Pinnacle Lighting Group has been providing homeowners in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the surrounding communities with beautiful backyard lighting that will allow the festivities to continue long after the sun has set. Plus, our backyard lighting systems are completely customizable, so you can personalize your lighting system to capture your properties distinctive features.

What Are the Benefits of Backyard Lighting?


A backyard lighting system will illuminate the areas of your property that you’re proud to show off, like gorgeous landscaping and pool and patio areas, while simultaneously taking attention away from some of the less desirable areas.


Our backyard lighting will make your property safer by highlighting potential hazards like stairs, pools, walkways, or other areas where you could trip, allowing you to navigate these areas safely at night.


Backyard lighting will provide security for your property by eliminating the dark areas, making it less appealing for potential burglars because they won’t be able to hide or approach your home as easily. It will also allow your security cameras to capture clear images at night, so you’ll be able to see anything that happens on your property at night with more detail.

To learn more about the backyard lighting designs we have available to homeowners in Charlotte, NC, or one of the surrounding communities, contact Pinnacle Lighting Group today.