The Leading Architectural Outdoor Lighting Company Serving the Charlotte, NC, Area is Pinnacle Lighting Group

Architectural Outdoor Lighting Home and business owners in the Charlotte, NC, area whose properties have impressive architecture that deserves to be showcased all night long should turn to Pinnacle Lighting Group. Since 2000, we have been designing and installing architectural outdoor lighting systems that are specifically tailored to bring out the best features of every property we work on. Impressive columns, tall eaves, and magnificent archways that would normally be hidden by the darkness of night, will be brought to life after the sun goes down so that they can be enjoyed by all.

Products and Customer Service That Can’t be Matched

When you choose Pinnacle Lighting Group to design and install your architectural outdoor lighting system, you will get a system that you’re sure to love. That’s because we only use cutting-edge lights that we get from top manufactures, so you can rest easy knowing that they are built to perform flawlessly for years in the outdoor environment. We also strive to provide exceptional customer service throughout every lighting project. That’s why we will work collaboratively with you to find out what your lighting goals are and provide recommendations that will achieve them all. Plus, you will have the opportunity to have final approval on your architectural outdoor lighting system after it’s installed, and we will never consider the job complete until you are 100 percent satisfied.

What’s more, the architectural outdoor lighting system we install for you will make your property safer by eliminating the dark areas of your home where potential intruders may want to lurk. For more information about the architectural outdoor lighting services we provide to property owners in the Charlotte, NC, area, contact the lighting experts at Pinnacle Lighting Group today.