The Architectural Lighting Experts Serving Cleveland, OH is Pinnacle Lighting Group

Architectural Lighting Cleveland OHPinnacle Lighting Group is the outdoor architectural lighting firm you can count on to create a gorgeous display that showcases your property in Cleveland, Ohio. Whether you are a homeowner, house designer, landscape architect, business owner, or anyone else who is looking to illuminate their property at night so that it stands out from the rest, we would be delighted to work with you to create an outdoor lighting design that exceeds your expectations.

At PLG, we use specialty lighting products purchased directly from the manufacturer, so you can count on cutting-edge products, not the same lights from big box stores that your neighbors have. Plus, our specialty is creating comprehensive and cohesive lighting designs, so you can be sure that your lighting system will be straightforward to maintain and operate. With PLG, the architectural lighting design for your property in Cleveland, OH, will:

  • Enhance otherwise hidden features or disguise features that are not as appealing
  • Augment textures such as natural stone or brick
  • Make the colors of your building(s) look more vivid by matching complimentary shades of lights to existing undertones
  • Highlight the entrance(s) to your property to make it warm and inviting to guests

What’s more, we can incorporate artistic security lighting along with your architectural lighting design. Our security lighting will allow cameras to capture any activity on the property and eliminate shadows to discourage intruders, yet still maintain cohesiveness with the rest of your lighting display.

To learn more about the architectural lighting designs we can create for your property in the Cleveland, OH, area, contact Pinnacle Lighting Group today.